Case Studies (Success Stories)

ERP - Project Management (Machinery Manufacturers / Turnkey Projects)

    The Modules covered are

  • Pre-Sales (Enquiry, Quotation, Order, Pre-project expenses)
  • Costing Module
  • Planning
  • Production
  • Post Production
  • Project Status tracking
  • Project Cost monitoring
  • MIS / Dashboards / Alerts

The client in Chennai is a Hydraulic Machinery Manufacturer. At a time multiple projects will be monitored in the shop floor. They were manually maintaining the project wise stock and expenses. Also, the costing was a huge task and was consuming lot of time. Knowing the project status at any point of time was a complex task as the job was carried out both in house as well as outsourced to sub contractors. Material procurement, timely receipt was a challenging task as they had to closely interact with the supplier.

We have understood the requirement of our client and provided a fully automated integrated ERP - Project Management solution that provided the following feature:

    Salient Features

  • Pre-sales module that has helped to track the Enquiries, submit quotation, follow up and close the enquiry (conversion to order or reason for non-conversion)
  • Costing module provided a user friendly (excel model) worksheet to work out the cost based on various norms, previous history, thereby enabling more accurate costing
  • Monitoring project wise expenses (both during pre-sales, project execution and post production stage)
  • Closely monitoring the manufacturing proeess (both inhouse and sub contract) and providing details of current project status
  • Monitoring the procurement of Bill of Material (auto generated) and placement of order after taking into account the available stock, re-order level, etc. with approval mechanism for releasing the high value orders
  • Stock management taking into account material receipt, issue, reservation of stock against a project, stock adjustment, gate pass (for material movement) etc.
  • Sales module to take care of processing of delivery challan, invoice with statutory provisions
  • A comprehensive admin control panel to manage users, provide different level of user authentication, database archival, etc.

The client is extremely happy after the project implementation. The system is now providing the client the cost data vs actual variance, project status / cost at any point of time, project wise stock status, etc. The comprehensive dashboard (with drill down feature) provides snapshot of the status of the project at any point of time.

Our project therefore has helped the client to effectively utilise their human and machinery resources, get more control on the stock (inventory) and increase in their performance / operating efficiency.

We are proud to have one such wonderful client with us who has benefited out of our project.

We have provided complete solution to few OEM Ancillary units. Original Equipment Manufacturers like (TVS, Hyundai, TI Cycle, etc. ) outsource many of their production process (partially or fully) activity to external sub contractors. OEM (the Principal company) normally have a process wise rate contract based on which the sub contractor (ancillary units) carries out the work. The raw material / forged components are sent to the sub contractor who in turn completes the production process and returns the material.
The Ancillary units face difficulty in handling the large volume of materials, maintain batch wise stock, batch wise production, quality check, providing Principal company information on WIP (work in process) stock, details of re-work, despatches, etc.
Our system takes care of operation of the Ancillary units. Whenever there is an interface possibility (like extracting data from principal company's web portal), we have done the same to facilitate minimum data entry at the ancillary unit side.

    Salient Features of the ERP solution

  • Tracking of Goods Sent / Received to and from Principal company (from the web portal through interface programs, if the principal company have their data in their own web portal)
  • Tracking of work order processing in terms multiple plants, multiple machines, and multiple processes
  • Tracking of Tool utilization & Life of the Tool
  • Tracking of work sub let to other tiny sub contractors
  • Tracking of amount receivable from the principal company
  • Handling of subcontract / supplier payments
  • Tracking of reworks and Tracking of Scrap Materials, and Materials disposed
  • Alerting of Re-Order Level for spares and consumables to enable in time procurement
  • Automatic Ledger posting to financial accounting
  • Users access, rights with pre-defined data security
  • Integration of Purchase, Inventory with Production
  • Monitoring of receivables and payables
  • Cheque/Bill printing in pre-defined format
  • User Friendly system easy to operate
  • Post implementation service support

We have successfully implemented few installations and our clients are happy in using the system that has eliminated many of their operational problems. The dashboard enables them to effectively deploy their available resources and provide better service level to their parent company.

We are proud of developing a software that is helping the part of the MSME sector in its computerization plan. The challenge here is providing the software to such people keeping in mind their affordability.

We have focussed ourselves to give complete customized ERP solution for any type of Real Estate Business. We just understand the requirements and sentiments of our clients and provide exactly the software that suits their operation, thus helping them improve their operational efficiency resulting in more profitability in their business.

    Realty - Plot / Flat Promoters

  • Define Scheme
  • Define Scheme Vs Plots
  • Plot Booking / Allocation
  • Receivables (EMI / One time) monitoring
  • Plot Registration / Cancellation
  • Commission Distribution (Multi level)
  • MIS / Dashboard / Alerts

  • We have successfully completed the project to customer's expectation.

We have successfully developed & implemented Import Payment Management System for one of the TVS Group of companies and integrated the software with SAP (Import & Export of data). The system provide solutions for importers to manage their import payments that involve the Buyer, Seller, Buyer's Bank, Seller's Bank and how the documents transact between these entities right from opening of LC till the Bill of Entry. The system also takes care of Advances, Forward contract, Import License monitoring.

The application includes the following

Import Payments for
  • Documents against LC
  • Documents through Bank
  • Direct documents
Intimation to units
  • Details of the Documents received
  • Status of the import
  • LC Details
  • Advance payment details
  • Analysis reports
  • Payments report
  • LC Details
  • Advance details
  • License Details
  • Currency wise payments
  • BOE Report
SAP Interaction,
  • Importing master details
  • Exporting accounts details

Letter of Credit (major media for international payment) defined: A letter from a bank guaranteeing that a buyer's payment to a seller will be received on time and for the correct amount. In the event that the buyer is unable to make payment on the purchase, the bank will be required to cover the full or remaining amount of the purchase.

Letters of credit are often used in international transactions to ensure that payment will be received. Due to the nature of international dealings including factors such as distance, differing laws in each country and difficulty in knowing each party personally, the use of letters of credit has become a very important aspect of international trade. The bank also acts on behalf of the buyer (holder of letter of credit) by ensuring that the supplier will not be paid until the bank receives a confirmation that the goods have been shipped

MIS from Tally Data

This customer has a voluminous data. Taking out reports on Sales, Inventory and Production was a challenge. We have understood the customer requirement and provided a user friendly solution that enabled them to import data from Tally and take necessary customized MIS (Management Information System) and Dashboard for their day to day operations.
    The MIS provided reports for
  • Production
  • Sales
  • Purchase
  • Inventory
  • Wastage Accounting
  • Overall Plant performance status
  • Dashboard

We have successfully completed the project to customer's expectation.